Friday, January 28, 2011


For the last few days, I have been tossing next Tuesday around in my head, knowing that I should make plans yet knowing that flexibility is most important.  I anticipate that we are going to have a great experience; in fact, we already have!  The enthusiasm of the OSU Writing tutors and my students is a hoot and will serve us well throughout this project.  For those asking about the weather, we will play that by ear.  I am working on the youtube clips this evening and hope to have the fun from Tuesday and Thursday done and  ready for you by Sunday at the latest.  Cheerio!

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alene said...

I have been also anticipating the beginning of our writing project however weather has interfered. Since I have had a few days at home to reflect, I have been gathering my approach to the experience. I am also excited to meet the young individual who I will share my writing process with. I really wish there were more projects like this when I was in school. My writing journey began my first semester at NOC and has been continuing since. Although a good thing has come out of my college experience, it is sad that I had to come to college to learn to appreciate writing. These students lives are about to be changed by a simple keystroke.